Retrieving Beirut is a platform with an aim to promote a withheld facet of Beirut through the various means of art.

The city’s complexity has always captured the imagination of many. Being a mixture of different cultures and times, architectures and ideas marked by wars and decay, the Capital has much to receive and even more to give.

In that sense, Retrieving Beirut addresses the diverse endeavors of those inventive talents who aim to universalize the message and concept of Beirut. The platform covers all social topics and follows stories of artists and designers with a message to communicate, whether inside the country or abroad to promote them vis-à-vis a greater audience.


Retrieving Beirut is an initiative conceived and spearheaded by Noir Clair. Founded in 2012 and based on the principles of artistic collaboration, Noir Clair is a multi-disciplinary studio with a mission to make a positive impact to society. Its work spans from product design to art direction and art installations. The common thread connecting all its projects is the goal to promote positive change in our immediate environment through art and design.

Noir Clair’s portfolio includes several high-end residential projects, television set designs, art direction for advertising and music videos, collaborating with some of the region’s leading companies such as MBC (TV station) and Al Ostoura (luxury retail).