A wound turned into Art

Karim Maroun & Dimitri Haddad, 17/12/2016

We often hear stories of tragedies that halt a young talent’s rise to success, events that are forever engraved so deep into relatives and loved ones that the scar sometime weighs heavier than life itself. Rarely are we exposed to such misfortunes that have, on the contrary, sparked the necessary courage and drive within an individual for him to be able to strive in consolation of the memory he holds.

Such is the story of filmmaker Edwin Harb Kadri. Only 18 years old then, Edwin had to go through the emotional shock following the death of his then girlfriend who tragically passed away in a car accident with Edwin helplessly seated next to her on the passenger seat.

The accident shaped Edwin’s studies as he decided to enroll in ALBA to pursue a movie making career. He later completed his studies and masters in the “Bande Apart” University in Barcelona. At 26, he already boasts a portfolio of interesting directions such as: a 30-min movie entitled “Degeneration” which evokes the civil war and Lebanese mafia, activist ads for movements such as “You Stink” and “Beirut Madinati” and the participation in a sports program alongside football celebrities Maradonna and Thierry Henry to name a few.

His true vocation though is yet to come in the near future. “Andrea” his current project named after his late ex-girlfriend and inspired by the events that he went through is a 8-year in the making project. As he describes it, “it took as much time to deal with the tragedy as it did to prepare the movie, and I haven’t fully done the former yet.” The movie which surely does not reflect reality, gives the young director a chance to direct a movie that is personal and subjective.

The film is now in the post-production phase and will be released in 2017, shares interesting aspects. First of all, it is shot in collaboration with a Spanish production house. The second exciting factor is that the main actor is Brontis Jodorowsky son of Alejandro Jodorowsky. Finally, the movie is enriched by Brahim Maalouf’s music.

“Andrea” behind the scene, Filmmaker Edwin Harb Kadri and camera man

“Andrea” behind the scene, Spanish actor Brontis Jodorowsky

As we look forward to the screening of “Andrea”, we can also look forward to many more projects as Edwin seeks to collaborate with more Lebanese people. Not only is “a motivated Lebanese crew worth ten thousand times more than any other crew” but he also wishes to join forces and talents with the various talented artists who are coming to light. Finally, a full feature film with his fiancée Romy Coccia Di Ferro is expected to kick start soon along with a fictional documentary with Jodorowsky.

“Andrea” behind the scene, Spanish actor Brontis Jodorowsky, hospital scene