Design, an on-going exploration of answers

Karim Maroun, 17/12/2016

Often praised for its ability to adapt and still be ever so alive, Beirut has been a stage for an amalgam of cultures, religions and ideologies. But in that confusion lays the beauty that charms so many, especially Carlo Massoud, Lebanese product and interior designer.

As he explains it so simply, it is the constant change and evolution of the city that inspires him to seek an ever provoking line of products. The Yin and Yang of Beirut are the core of his challenging products which are essentially reflections of stories and feelings.

Recently, Carlo’s original approach and his own explorations got him invited in the Brussels Design September festival. An annual event spread all over the month of September dedicated to design. The latest edition of the happening saw Carlo present a talk about his own products alongside the likes of designers Gaetano Pesce, Eugenie Quitlet and Maten Claesson.

The talk did not only promote Carlo’s design but also presented the city of Beirut and its complex standing to an audience whose majority never even heard of the capital.

Sputnik, 2016

In Carlo’s opinion he offered a sensitive approach to art, through his handmade and small productions and compelled the attendees through his work and the background story, the story of a city lost in translation, which he tries to personify.