Music is a higher revelation

Karim Maroun, 17/12/2016

In a world of labels, prejudices and unfounded biases, it is always a challenge to rise above the circumstances that our lives are put under day in and day out.

One similar challenge is faced by most Palestinians around the world and one story which reflects that struggle is that of musician Ayman Zebdawi. Born to a family that was already involved in music, he developed an early understanding of art and the space it offers for self-expression and awakening. The acceptance, as he puts it, of his own history and its repercussions on his own life has enabled him to perceive the concepts of love, justice and humanity in a different light.

Musician Ayman Zebdawi

Such revelations can either break or make a person, but being the artist he is, Ayman wears his history, the story of his life as a badge. The life that was laid before he was even born and that would continue long after he is gone, the struggle of Palestine and the people around him, have been inspirational to the young artist who committed his life to music.

A dedicated musician having played the drums, Latin and Oriental percussions and mainly Piano, Ayman grew within a circle of friends and fellow artists that manage together to create the Lebanese based rock band “Madinat”. He is also part of another Lebanese based post/space rock project called “Ovid”. Experiences which Ayman cherishes and considers himself lucky to be part of since he believes music and all kinds of arts are the pathway to a higher consciousness to an answer beyond the realm of judgment within society and a truth that can’t be defined by our words.