The Night Humors

Karim Maroun, 02/05/2017

The saying goes that the most complete adult, is he who has kept a big part of his childhood intact. The adults who successfully preserve the ambitious character, the curiosity of the newborn and the excitement of a child are those who can dream of change. But it takes a special mind to extend this concept further to … bedtime stories.

Such is the project of Bernard Hage, illustrator and artist who, ever since his youngest years, has not been one to conform to the routine, especially a barren one. Bernard, who graduated with a Master’s degree in Graphic Design, pursued a short but rewarding advertisement career that inspired his early works namely his solo exhibition in 2014 “Undressed – Society’s Reflection in its brands”.

Following his first endeavor, along with various fellow artists, he founded Wormhole, a Beirut-based collective of artists from different backgrounds (drawing, sculpting and writing, filmmaking, etc…) in hope of creating new forms of collaboration between these artists ( Yet now, he takes on his most daring project to date, “In the Dead of Night – Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups”.

“During childhood, my bedtime stories revolved around galaxies, castles, knights, princesses, dragons and superheroes. And they came with dreamy iconic illustrations that defy imagination. Now at adulthood, what I read before going to sleep is emails. Somewhere along the way, my soothing bedtime routine flew out of the window.” He explains. Uninterested by the monotony of adulthood and skeptic of nowadays society, he vows to bring back the fascination of childhood through stories that describe the struggles in domains such as careers, marriages, relationships, love and religion using a mixture of violence and humor. As Bernard clarifies, dark humor is the most adequate language to depict our predicament. And while he’s still alternating between nihilist and realist, he hopes that by enjoying his ride and describing his own thoughts, he can benefit the mass. The book, which is available online between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. only, went live with its’ crowd funding campaign on April 27th.