The Space in-between, Afikra

Karim Maroun, 02/05/2017

A world of prejudices, miscommunication, misrepresentation and selective coverage by the media, it’s easy to see how misinformed we are about each other. One such disparity relating to the notion of the Arab world, especially in the western world, was noticed by Mikey Muhanna, founder of Afikra. It seemed the Arab culture was defined as either the partying type or the rebellious type and everything in between just faded away. But Mikey knew otherwise and worked on proving it through the creation of a 3rd point of view, a platform for those curious about the many unique aspects of the Arab philosophy, a place to simply share a “fikra” (thought in Arabic).

Mikey Muhanna’s talk about Afikra during the Harvard Arab Weekend,  November 2016

An initiative that quickly reaped success, Afikra was met with a wonderful response throughout the last 3 years, ever since its inception in 2014 in New York City. Tailoring their speakers in order to offer the optimal presentation, the Afikra team supports the presenter and oversees the topics discussed to ensure new and interesting paths are explored. This commitment to the cause proved a winning gamble as the diversity of their community suggests: 30% if the people who attend Afikra events are unidentified as Arab in any way. The platform also gained tremendous recognition globally and evolved beyond NYC to reach cities such as Montreal, Dubai, Beirut and recently London.

Thus they nurture, develop and expand their topics attracting the curious characters for the sole purpose of learning more about a world that was and is still depict wrongfully to the rest of the planet. Amongst the approximately 70 topics discussed over the span of 3 years some of Mikey’s favorite include: What was Arab cuisine like before the arrival of the tomato? Why is it so hard to develop Arabic Typography? What is Omani Twerking and where did it come from?

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